Our Proposal

Scope of Recruitment Services

Upon completion of legal documentation for the appointment of our Agency and upon receipt of Power of Attorney, duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Chamber of Commerce, we proceed further :


The position are advertised on our account, in the nationwide basis through popular newspapers to attract an extensive pool of candidates from which the required number of recruits can be provisionally selected.


We have our pre-selection team/interview board consisting of specialists and the masters of their trade. The pre-selection check-list contains the pertinent basic checks for eliminating the candidates not meeting the minimum technical know-how, physical and educational requirements. This also includes a check on basic English language or any other requirements for the position of stipulated post. Various basic checks are made for the positions of lower categories of workers in order to eliminate personnel not meeting basic requirements and standards.


Candidates having successfully passed the basic test are referred to Company’s approved Chief Medical Officer. Standard health tests are carried out to evaluate the health status of the candidates to qualify them for the fitness requirements to sustain appropriate physical endurance of individual positions. A proforma of Medical fitness approved by the client as well as the Government is thus obtained for each selected employee.


A trade test is given to each craftsman covering his specific trade. The test includes both theoretical and practical knowledge of the trade such as (a) Load handling, Identification and manipulation of tools belonging to the specific trades, detailed knowledge of trade workmanship. Trade testing is undertaken in technical centers which are approved and recognized by the Government.


Candidates will be evaluated to show their understanding of basic safety regulations as following:-

a) Protective clothing.
b) General danger hazards (Fire danger)
c) Basic rules and procedures to follow when major accidents do occur or dangerous/ critical situations develop.
d) Specific trade danger hazards.