prince mossaDATCO the unbeaten name of Faith, Facilities & Prestige around the Globe since 1974 and DATCO is a better tomorrow for us all.

DATCO – the best manpower recruiting company in the history of Bangladesh – was founded by Chairman Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher, one of the world’s most illustrious business tycoons and a celebrated living legend. Who is also the pre-eminent architect of manpower export.Who is also widely known and respected as the father of Manpower export & the economic emancipation of Bangladesh.

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Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher: A great visionary pathfinder turned dreams of millions into reality changing fate of Bangladesh.



Special message from the Chairman:

Thank you for all the support you have given DATCO and Bangladesh since manpower export system was formulated at the most crucial juncture of the nation.

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh thank you, the people of Bangladesh thank you, and I thank you. The triumph of the manpower export business has been the solid foundation on which Bangladesh was built and is the key to our nation’s development. This would not have been possible without your total trust and faith in DATCO and in the ever-hardworking, diligent and reliable Bangladeshi workforce, which has now become the hallmark of our relationship that spans almost four-decades.

While you have already earned our eternal gratitude and blessings eternally, I would be extremely grateful and would regard it as a personal favour, if you were to give more assistance to the development of Bangladesh by giving preferential treatment to Bangladesh and employing more of its workers.

This can be achieved through DATCO or indeed any other Bangladesh Manpower Recruiting house. Either way, Bangladesh and its people will be the beneficiaries and that would make me both happy and proud.

Thank you, in advance.

With every good wish…